The recent acquisitions of retail and e-commerce leaders (acquisition of Whole Food by Amazon + acquisition of Jet. com by Walmart) are not only showing that the future of commerce is hybrid, blurring the lines between online and offline engagement, but also that modern commerce is evolving at a great speed. According to the Modern Commerce Disruption model, the next step would be ‘’Extreme Personalization’’.

What is Extreme Personalization?

Emerging brands will ‘’ invest in understanding and developing a deep human connection with every consumer – not as a segment but as an audience of one. ‘’

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Shoppers are evolving and acting differently over time. Brands will have to adapt their strategies according to their customers behaviors. In our increasingly digital world, technology will help us succeeding in our personalization strategy. Find below the 3 steps you will need to follow to win Round 3.

Capturing data about your consumers

You need to know everything about your consumers behaviors and their interactions with your brand to plan strategies which will be matching with their needs and expectations. Using a robust omnichannel POS software will be key to collect data about their shopping habits through their shopping journey, online and offline. More details about Clienteling here (Link to Where to go?).

Creating engaging strategies.

With all this new information in your hand, you now know their needs, on which channel they are shopping the most and what kind on content they are interested in. You will have to convert these data into engaging marketing strategies.

Implementing the strategies.

In Surmesure (link) stores, Montreal-based brand specialized in tailor-made suits, clients can make their own suit on a mobile device and choose the patterns, colors, shape they want for their clothing. In fact, personalization strategies have already been implemented by some brands.
With Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, we need to get ready for the next step and completely rethink about our current retail strategies. AR could change forever the physical store by giving the possibility to customers to imagine any products in a real-life setting. Also, AI will improve greatly customer experience by being able to answer to customers requests whenever with online chatbots.

Personalization is the future of retail. We currently have only a small picture of what technology could do to succeed with Round 3. Don’t be late and adapt your current strategies as soon as possible! They are plenty of technologies that exist nowadays and could smoothly take you to Round 3.

Techni-Connection is the reseller of 3 POS softwares in Canada (Yourcegid Retail, Visual Touch, Retail Management Hero), addressing today’s evolutions and needs. New features are constantly added to the system (Clienteling, Ecommerce, Click&Collect, SaaS) to match to omnichannel strategies and personalize the customers shopping experience.