As a retailer grows, change is needed and new advanced features need to be incorporated into their point-of-sale (POS), as well as their back office. These features meet customer expectations, they outpace the competition, keep current with industry trends, and innovate for the future. Here are four reasons why you need a new retail management system.

 #1 Opening new stores

Opening new stores may reduce inventory visibility if the POS solution and other systems are not operating in “Real-Time”. Also, the growth of a brand is usually accompanied by a growing number of products and active SKU’s. Retailers therefore have more information to track and manage. A SaaS or Cloud based Retail Management solution allows you to access or view live data at any point of time throughout the system, via a simple Internet connection from any device licenced for the application. Solutions of this caliber are highly sought after by fashion retailers as it provides them with real-time inventory and sales information for each store. The retailer can easily transfer goods from one store to another with the click of a button. In addition, an advanced POS solution simplifies the complexity of international operations by adapting to the countries requirements (tax, linguistic …). An integrated POS software provides an instant access to key performance indicators (KPIs), avoiding wasted time and errors in manual data entry.

 #2 Growth in online sales

Today, consumers want to be able to buy online and pick up their purchase at the nearest store. Retailers themselves also need the flexibility to ship online orders from the store to the customer’s home or workplace. With an advanced Retail Management system, you can link your web sales to your physical store, giving you visibility into consumer activity across all channels. After all, retailers need a live view of their inventory and the customer’s activity on the web and in store to make strategic business decisions.

 #3 Centralize customer service

With sales growth, it is necessary to develop an efficient payment process for customers. Today, retailers want to offer their customers a highly personalized shopping experience and innovative payment solutions. This can be accomplished with a more efficient CRM running on a common platform with the POS system. With new clienteling applications, the point of sale can offer a 360-degree view of your customers whether buying online, in-store, or on social media. By tracking your customers’ purchases through different stores and channels, you can offer promotions, coupons, and rewards for each of your target customers or groups. This modern merger between POS and CRM rewards the customer’s purchasing power, regardless of when and where.  CRM will also allow retailers to offer loyalty programs pre-built within the system. Promotions can be deployed simultaneously and exchanged seamlessly on the web or in-store, automatically deciding the best promotion for the customer based on the items purchased. The entirety of all these features are gathered on one single platform.

 #4 Free up valuable real-estate with Mobile POS

The mobile point of sale becomes a must in the store. In addition to shopping on their mobile phone at home, at work, or on the go, customers use their cell phones to search for products, get discounts, share trendy favorite outfits they like on social media. The mobile point of sale facilitates the checkout, avoiding waiting in line, irritating for many consumers. It is very easy and affordable to set up your POS software to run on a tablet or other mobile devices. Your employees will be able to offer secure, mobile checkout to customers anywhere in the store, answer product questions, learn about product availability, upsell, offer personalized shopping advice from shopping history and online baskets, and much more.  


All of these Retail management functions can be implemented without costly IT departments, hardware, and maintenance costs. These solutions are current with retail trends, scalable, and web-enabled POS software is available on a monthly subscription basis. They can be delivered in the cloud or on demand via a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

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