6 reasons why

your business needs

cloud technology


Many companies have decided to take the step towards cloud technology, and you probably wonder if you should not do the same. Here are 6 reasons that will perhaps definitely convince you that this technology is for you!


Affordable technology 

Cloud solution providers typically charge a small monthly fee for access. This rate can be paid annually or monthly and can be a cost per user or a cost that includes multiple accounts.


No technical skills required

With the Cloud technology, technical support is usually provided by an IT company, whether by phone, email, or on-site support. So, if you need help with Cloud technology, you’ll need just one phone call to get a technician to help you. You will not need to hire an internal person to take care of the cloud or become an ace of IT!


Greater flexibility

Cloud provides the flexibility required to manage the growth of your business. When a new employee joins your team, you simply need to add another user for access to the cloud. In addition, Cloud solutions offer new features regularly and allow you to use other applications or software to make its use more convenient and tailored to the needs of your business.


Accessibility at all times

Employees are increasingly mobile, working from home, in common areas, from an hotel or airport. Cloud technology allows employees to access their files from anywhere, using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. No need to think about hanging your files, presentations can be done from a phone. Applications that manage billing or project management are accessible during meetings.


Connect users

Instead of constantly sending e-mails to inform everyone about the status of projects or payments, all parties involved can log in and see the information. Documents can be updated in real time by everyone working on the project, ensuring everyone has access to the latest version.


A reliable and secure solution

Cloud simplifies data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. Providers make backups so that all data is always accessible, even in the event of a failure. The cloud solution is very secure thanks to data encryption and stringent password requirements that reduce the risk of hacking.


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About Techni-Connection

Techni-Connection is a reseller of 3 POS softwares in Canada (Yourcegid Retail, VisualTouch, Retail Management Hero), addressing today’s evolutions and needs. New features are constantly added to the systems (Clienteling, eCommerce, Click & Collect, SaaS, Mobile-POS) to match omni-channel strategies and personalizing the customers shopping experience.

Techni-Connection delivers cost-effective IT solutions to companies of all sizes. With its 24/7/365 helpdesk support system, TCI responds quickly and efficiently to customers problems and provides on-site support. TCI’s strong in-house technical team is also complimented by a network of 150+ certified IT experts across North America.