8 free tools to help you improve your e-commerce boutique

We have listed 8 free tools that will help you improve your e-commerce website. Discover them now!

Optimized SEO

Several studies have shown that natural referencing brings about 30% of the traffic to a website, which is nothing to sneeze at! To help you, here are 3 tools that can find the right keywords allowing your potential customers to find your page during their research.

1. Google Trends 

The Google Trends tool is surely the most popular. This feature provides information on current keyword search trends and the frequency with which a term or expression has been typed into the Google search engine. You can fine-tune your searches with different filters like geographic area or category and compare up to 5 words at the same time! Feel free to compare the same word in either singular or pluralized, you may have surprises! Then, create your own content by adapting to trends.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest offers a selection of keywords from one or more terms. If you sell swimsuits online for example, this tool will compile a list of all the words related that will allow you to be found online. Choose your language, type your keyword and see your results! UberSuggest offers you a long list of related terms.

3. Outiref

Outiref helps you optimize your site for search engines. Just type the URL of one of your pages and you will have lots of very useful tips to improve your page!

Professional content

Not an ace in spelling? Don’t have the budget for beautiful visuals? No problem, we have found 3 tools to help you!

4. Scribens

Spelling mistakes are not professional… But thankfully, Scribens exists! With its online spell checker, this tool allows you to check your content before publishing it to social networks or your site.

5. Canva

If you are not a graphic designer, Canva will save you time and money! Very easy to use, it will allow you to create different visuals in a few clicks (newsletter, invitation, visuals for social media). It just takes few minutes to create a visual.

6. Pexels

Pexels is an online bookstore that allows you to access a multitude of photos! Thousands of images that you can use for your visuals. You will surely find your happiness! As we mentioned in our previous article, The power of images in e-commerce, having beautiful images on your website is very important.

Unique product sheets

7. Positeo

Positeo will allow you to know the positioning of your website on several data centers but also to be able to identify if your content has been duplicated. This is very useful especially for product sheets. With Positeo, it will be easier to protect your content and at the same time not to lose visibility!


An efficient payment page

8. PayPlug

Knowing that on average the basket abandonment rate is 75%, and regardless of the sector, it is important to optimize the payment page of your online store. The last step in the online purchase process, the payment page must be fluid and easy to use. PayPlug measures the performance of your payment page and suggests improvements.

With all these free tools, we hope that you will find the help you need to have a great e-commerce boutique! Good luck!


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