8 tips to create the perfect business cards

Even in the digital era, the small rectangular card is still popular and remains an indispensable tool for promoting and connecting with your customers and suppliers. The business card is an extension of your brand and can help you differentiate your company. Follow these tips to make a good first impression!

1. The correct format

Unless you choose a very original and unique concept, we advise you to respect the standard format of business cards that corresponds to the format of a credit card or 88.9 mm x 50.8 mm (3.5 x 2 x inches). This format allows people to insert the business card in any wallet or cardholder. A business card that is too big could be cumbersome and may be folded, lost or thrown away.

2. Horizontal or vertical orientation?

Remember that most cards are in horizontal format. Your interlocutor will have the reflex to hold the card horizontally to begin reading. However, nothing prevents you from creating a vertical card if you offer an original visual.

3. Give the right information

Select and prioritize the information you want to put on your card by indicating the name of your company, your first and last name, your function, and your contact information. An e-mail address plus mobile number are essential, and do not forget to add the address of your website and logo. You can add important information but do not try to put too much. It is well known that to much information on a card will be hard on the eyes, leaving the key info to be overlooked.

4. The choice of a back 

In general, one side is enough to insert all the necessary information concerning you and your company. The reverse side may allow you to add details such as specific schedules or a map for example.

5. Legibility takes priority

Keep in mind that it is important to space your card text for easy reading and clarity. Always leave a margin on the sides. Opt for a simple and sober font. Regarding the size of the font, it must be a minimum of 7.5 pt. In order to prioritize information, you can use a different size of front but do not use more than two! You can also put important information in bold.

6. A card with the color of your brand

In order to recognize your business at a glance, use the colors of your company’s graphic charter. This will allow you to create a visual coherence. Be careful not to put more than three different colors on your card.

7. For a high-end appearance

Opt for a quality paper with a nice touch, such as matte or glossy paper. You can also ask to be able to add a textured finish on your business cards or on certain elements of the card such as the logo for example.

8. The “2.0” card 

If you like to be at the forefront of technology, you can add a QR code to your business card if you want. Your recipient will be able to access via his smartphone or tablet to your website or your professional profile quickly. Some sites offer to create the code for free.

If you do not have software or you do not have a graphic designer to design your business card, we found 3 sites that will be very useful! 


Jukebox allows you to choose from a wide selection of business card templates that can be customized with your information, colors and logo.


On Canva, you will be able to find your happiness! Many preconceived models are free. You can also create your own templates.


PsPrint offers a large number of customizable business cards and is easy to use.

Now it’s your turn to create! Good luck!

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