Clienteling is on everyone’s lips! Now essential in the retail’s world, professionals find sometimes difficult to define the term. We propose in this article its meaning, its stakes and some of its applications.

What does Clienteling mean?

Clienteling is a marketing strategy based on active customer loyalty by creating a personalized relationship between salespersons and high potential customers in order to increase sales. It is therefore a question of addressing in the most personal way possible to its customers. The major luxury brands have also understood it well in store with “personal shoppers”.

A re-invented concept

Originally, merchants offered their customers an ultra-personalized shopping experience. Just think of small neighborhood businesses. Bakers, butchers and grocers knew all (or almost all) of their customers! With the beginning of supermarkets, self-service has emerged, giving to customer more autonomy and less human contact. The arrival of e-commerce and the evolution of consumer behavior have again changed the game, the experience of personalized shopping making its comeback whether in-store or online.

When Clienteling reinvents the customer-salesperson relationship in stores

With nine out of ten consumers preferring in-store rather than online shopping, according to a study by A.T. Kearney, it is important to re-think the shopping experience by putting human contact at the center of the marketing strategy. Many stores are now equipped with Clienteling solutions and new technologies offering more relevant advice and services to their customers. With a tablet for example, the salesperson can easily move around the store to better help customers. It can offer mobile payment, view purchase history (online or in-store) and see customer preferences to better meet their expectations. The tablet also allows the seller to have access to the electronic catalog at all times to suggest even more products. The seller offers a personalized shopping experience and the customer feels recognized and valued.

Offer a memorable shopping experience

Clienteling is a strategy that helps ensure a seamless customer experience while enabling retailers to have a 360°customer vision to build a new shopping experience and meet consumer expectations. Clienteling is therefore indispensable to omni-channel commerce and is a growth vector for sales!

About Techni-Connection

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