Cloud backup: how it works and why you should use it

Clearly more efficient than the old backup methods, data backup on the cloud is increasingly used by companies. Data recovery methods have improved in recent years, but not so much that you do not need to back up your data on an external device or the cloud.

Traditional backup solutions

Some companies use on premise storage drives to backup their data. This technology has been used for many years but has many disadvantages:

  • High cost solution
  • Major investments in infrastructure
  • Constant maintenance
  • Need technical resources

In addition, even if you store your drives in optimal conditions, there is always a risk. For example, if you keep all your drives in the same place and unfortunately a natural disaster happens (fire, flood), or human error, all your data would be lost!

With traditional backup solutions, you take the risk of losing days or even years of data that can impact your customers and your sales, and it’s just not worth it.

Cloud backup, a safer method

All your data backed up on the cloud is securely transferred via encrypted channels, making backup to the cloud a reliable and secure method. In addition, the cloud data is available to you on a multitude of media: computers, tablets, smartphones. In case of failure, loss or breakage, you will always have access to your data on the Cloud. For stolen devices, same thing, you will also be able to remotely wipe device information to prevent personal information loss or risk of piracy.

Cloud backup: cheaper and less of a burden

When it comes to costs, you should know that backing up data on external drives can be time-consuming, expensive, and prone to human error. With Cloud Backup, no need to run tests after each backup to make sure the backup was successful, just see if the information has been received correctly. No more need to label and store each drive. With the Cloud, the only labeling you do is done digitally. It is faster and there is much less chance of errors.

Using an IT solution company to perform your cloud backups is the most affordable alternative. Techni-Connection will advise you on the best solutions for your business.

About Techni-Connection

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