IT Deployment Nation Wide

Repair circle

Our Repair Depot and Warehouse can be your single point of delivery to all your locations:

  • Locations send defective equipment direct to our Depot
  • We will recieve the equipment storing all the packages information into our WMS
  • For each phase of the repair, the case associated to the equipment will be updated and tracked
  • Once the repair has been completed we place your equipment into our warehouse ready to ship to the next location on your command
  • All of your inventory is visable in our system and weekly reports can be supplied
  • Once shipped we will schedule one of our certified technicians to install the equipment once it reaches the site

Project Management

Our Project Managers and Analysts can assist you in your Special Projects and Rollout:

  • You will have dedicated members assigned to your project
  • Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid methodology
  • An analysis of your project will be performed with documentation including a RACI and Project Plan
  • The project will be executed seamlessly with your team members
  • Status updates included in PROCO and STERCO meetings if required
  • Completed rollout report and a succesful signoff