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We install and maintain POS and IT Hardware for Retail, Hospitality and Offices.

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  • Our bilingual 24/7/365 call centre works with dozens of clients across Canada every day helping them to solve IT challenges related to retail, hospitality and business operations.
  • As needed, we dispatch one of our 250 local team members to go on-site to get things running smoothly.
  • National on-site support is what we do better than anyone else.
  • For over twenty-five years Techni-Connection has lived its passion for making technology work seamlessly.

Technologies we support

Network & Security

Networking, Firewalls, Routers and more

Servers & Hard Disk Maintenance

Servers, Partitioning, Re-imaging, Database backups, Maintenance

POS Stations & PC's

Terminals, Advertising Screens, Scanners, Printers, PC’s and more

Cineplex Entertainment

 TCI has been a trusted partner to Cineplex Entertainment for over 20 years.  With over 170 cinema and amusement & leisure locations across Canada we need a partner who has a well established network of technicians that are able to provide regular and emergency onsite support services 24/7/365.  Our partnership with TCI has been critical to ensuring we provide an exceptional entertainment experience for our guests.  If you are in the hospitality, retail or restaurant business, and need coast to coast on-site IT support, you should talk with Ken at TCI.

Nick Marchand

VP, Digital & Technology Operations & Cyber Security

Les Cine Entreprise

I started to work with Ken at Techni-Connection in 2006 to manage our IT needs across our theatre circuit. Our business needs to process hundreds of guests through our ticketing and concessions in a short period of time. Techni-Connection has always understood the need to have our systems up with proper proactive support and quick resolutions.

In 2014 as we migrated to Digital projection and we brought our IT in house. We used Techni-Connection on an as needed bases to solve specific problems.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, we found our needs had changed regarding internal resources as a result we decided to reach back to Techni-Connection to out-source our IT to a proven leader. Techni-Connection over the past few months has updated our systems, introduced proper security standards and documented our entire network infrastructure, hardware, and IT environment in all our locations.  I feel our business is much more secure and efficient to sustain todays risks of cyber activity

I am grateful for the business relationship Techni-Connection and Les Cine Entreprise has, as our systems were in critical condition and we chose the right moment to return to Techni-Connection.

If you’re concerned about improving and maintaining your businesses computer network I urge you to reach out to Ken at Techni-Connection, he will work with you and your team to ensure your satisfaction.

Raffaele Papalia


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