4 tips to get a successful E-Commerce integration to your POS solution

Case Study: Integration of Heroshop® Ecommerce platform with Yourcegid Retail POS solution.

Nowadays, creating an innovative omni-channel retail experience for your customers by merging online and in-store strategies is necessary to be successful in the Retail industry. The integration of an E-Commerce platform to your Point of Sale (POS) system is an asset to implement and manage a complete omni-channel strategy. Purchasing your E-Commerce platform and integrating it to your POS solution is an important financial investment. For this reason, you will need to take certain measures choosing a proven and stable environment. Find below 4 pieces of advice to help you with your choice. We will be using the integration of the Heroshop® E-Commerce with Yourcegid Retail POS solution to demonstrate each tip.

Techni-Connection is the only Canadian reseller of Yourcegid Retail POS solution. Yourcegid is a complete omni-channel Point of Sale software created by the French software publisher Cegid and used worldwide by high-end fashion brands and specialty stores. Heroshop® E-Commerce solution was developed by the Montreal-based communication agency David&Goliath using the latest trends and technology.

You know the integration of E-Commerce in your POS solution is ideal when you can...

#1 Get fast and efficient integration of your E-Commerce platform

For the technical team, integrating an E-Commerce to your current POS solution means working with the E-Commerce website publisher until project completion. The amount of time spent for the integration will depend on the capacity for both entities to communicate with each other, the size of the organizations, and the complexity of the features needed. David&Goliath and Techni-Connection have been testing the integration of Heroshop® with Yourcegid for a few months. The location of our two companies (both in Montreal) and the organization of our teams (small technical teams dedicated to the E-Commerce and POS integration) made it possible to complete our project in less than a month.


#2 Lower your E-Commerce budget

Heroshop® is a fixed monthly charge. Combined with the monthly payment of Yourcegid SaaS solution, your budget for the POS solution and the integration of the E-Commerce platform is lower than most of our competitors!


#3 Implement a complete Omnichannel strategy

The POS software and E-Commerce platform’s functionalities must be innovative and in line with today’s omni-channel strategies. With the integration of Heroshop® to Yourcegid Retail, the following functionalities are available:

  • Click&Collect: Order online and pick up your purchase in store. The location will be chosen with the geolocate feature, searching the available inventory in all locations close to your home.
  • Real-time Customization:  The E-Commerce platform will suggest items based on your customer purchase history, including in-store purchases.
  • Gift Cards: Buy your gift card online and use it in stores, and vice versa.
  • Loyalty programs: Add loyalty points from purchases, use loyalty points online or in store.
  • Lottery: Customers get a code on their receipt to enter online and participate to a lottery to win a prize or special deal. It will significantly increase your online sales!

This list is non-exhaustive and will grow over time as further web development is made.


#4 Adapt your POS solution and eCommerce platform over time

Your POS solution and E-Commerce website must be flexible and adaptable to overcome new retail challenges. Cegid constantly adds new omni-channel functionalities to Yourcegid Retail using their R&D budget, 30% of all sales. The relationship quality between Techni-Connection and David&Goliath, their geographic proximity (both Montreal-based) and dedicating small, personable teams allowed the adaptation of Heroshop® E-Commerce to new Yourcegid functionalities.

About Techni-Connection

Techni-Connection is a reseller of 3 POS softwares in Canada (Yourcegid Retail, VisualTouch, Retail Management Hero), addressing today’s evolutions and needs. New features are constantly added to the systems (Clienteling, eCommerce, Click & Collect, SaaS, Mobile-POS) to match omni-channel strategies and personalizing the customers shopping experience.

Techni-Connection delivers cost-effective IT solutions to companies of all sizes. With its 24/7/365 helpdesk support system, TCI responds quickly and efficiently to customers problems and provides on-site support. TCI’s strong in-house technical team is also complimented by a network of 150+ certified IT experts across North America.