From Quebec City to Vancouver, Canadian companies are gradually moving towards the construction of new, greener stores. Here are 3 examples to follow!

New generation of Simons stores in Quebec City

In early March, Simons inaugurated a new generation of stores at the Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City. An investment of $20 million. The founder Peter Simons wanted to make the opening of this branch a must-attend event for consumers. Solar panels, charging stations for electric vehicles, charging stations for cell phones, Simons even had a donut tasting station, they had everything thought out! This new 80,000 square foot store is Canada’s first net-zero energy retail store. Equipped with 27 geothermal wells, a solar electricity system generating more than 1,300,000 kWh / year, which equates to the energy consumption of 50 homes. Custom decoration “All the decorative elements were custom-designed by local craftsmen/artisans” said Peter Simons. The central artwork, created by the artist Giorgia Volpe, represents an inverted forest. It is made from recycled clothing. The retailer has announced plans to renovate the Sainte-Catherine St, Montreal branch over the next few years. We can not wait to see this transformation!  

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) will also open an eco-store in Vancouver

It has been 20 years since the first MEC outdoor store opened on Broadway street in Vancouver, but in less than two years, the store will change its location. A greener store will open in the Olympic Village by mid-2019, at the corner of Quebec Street and 2nd Avenue. According to Emmanuel Prinet, MEC’s ​​inventory analyst, the building has been designed to be more environmentally friendly, with windows to allow light to enter and thereby save energy. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says the store reflects Vancouver’s goal of being the greenest city in the world by 2020.

In Montreal, an IGA has “sown” itself into the eco friendly society

An IGA supermarket in Montreal has become the first in Canada, to sell its own vegetables grown in a garden on its rooftop! Richard Duchemin, co-owner of this supermarket has partnered with an urban agriculture company, La Ligne Verte, a company specializing in the installation of rooftop gardens. The experiment started last year, but for this project to come true, it took their team more than a year of work for it to bloom. On the roof, about thirty varieties of certified organic fruits and vegetables are grown! These vegetables and fruits are sold under the name “Frais du Toit“ (Fresh from the roof). The water used to spray the plants comes from the building’s dehumidification system. Eight Bee hives were also installed on the roof by the company Alvéole. The ultimate goal is to harvest and sell an estimated 600 jars of honey to customers. During the winter, the vegetable garden is asleep under the snow, but soon some blossoming fruits and vegetables will grow! Richard Duchemin hopes to set the example and produce envy to other grocers in order for engagement in this ecological approach.

The construction of these new buildings shows as an example to the world being part of an ecological future, hoping that it gives the idea to other distributors to engage in this exciting new use of what would be dead space.


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