Case Study

Who is L’Occitane? 

Founded in 1976, in the Provence region of southeastern France, L’Occitane manufactures cosmetic products using long-established ingredients. Since the beginning of the 90’s, L’Occitane started selling its products worldwide and increased its profitability. More than 90% of L’Occitane’s sales comes from outside France. Its retail network keeps expanding, with more than 2,500 boutiques in total (owned stores and concessions) in 100+ countries.

The Challenge

The number of L’Occitane stores kept increasing worldwide. L’Occitane needed a well-established international partner and an innovative management solution  which can support a large number of stores across the globe.

The Solution

L’Occitane’s management team decided to choose Yourcegid Retail. The main reasons were its robust functionality and its capacity to innovate with new features such as customer relationship management, omnichannel integration, and in-store mobility.

Cegid equipped more than 1000 stores with the help of local partners in several countries in Asia-Pacific, North and South America and Europe. 

Techni-Connection supports the installation and maintenance of all L’Occitane stores in Canada.

The Outcome was Incredible! 

Boost Performance

The POS software features (CRM, merchandising, inventory management) helps L’Occitane manage its activities. Yourcegid improves operational productivity in every aspect. It made it possible for the brand to innovate with its store activities. 

High Quality Customer Service

CRM functions, in-store mobility, and omni-channel presence enables L’Occitane to create more complex interactions with their customers. This allows the management of loyalty points across all channels, adapt marketing campaigns to customer profiles, and offer services such as Click & Collect.


Long Term Worldwide Support

The implementation of Yourcegid would not have been possible without the significant support of its local partners.

Techni-Connection was a critical partner in the installation of Yourcegid Retail in L’Occitane stores in Canada.