Repair and Replacement of IT equipment!


The TCI Certified Consulting Team analyzes the IT infrastructure and recommends premium equipment based on the company needs. A certified consultant will help make decisions to save precious time.


The TCI Maintenance & Service Depot provides a convenient and cost effective alternative to onsite hardware repair. Hardware will be shipped, fixed, and returned back to the client.



The TCI Central Warehouse will manage customer owned replacement equipment. TCI will ship overnight any equipment required to keep business operations functioning with limited interruption.

Maintenance Services increase operational efficiency by decreasing hardware failures.

Predict Costs

Create a manageable IT infrastructure budget with predictable and controllable costs. TCI provides fixed price budgeting.  Companies are able to plan their budget more easily for their current and future needs.

Premium Hardware

Take advantage with state-of-the-art technology. Avoid the burden of evaluating, purchasing, implementing and supporting equipment. Focus on business decisions and allow TCI to take care of the rest.

Single Provider

Eliminate the cost and the headache of multiple hardware providers.  TCI supplies all major brands reducing the number of vendors needed to support a broad spectrum of products and environments.