You have probably heard or seen ads on social media about a trending new concept called “Meal Box”, and it is everywhere right now! This concept is changing the food industry! This principle is simple and removes the need to ask the question: “What are we eating tonight?” In addition, you will save time by avoiding the grocery store all together! The different companies include; Goodfood Market, Cook It, Chef’s Plate, and MissFresh, offering balanced meals, easy to prepare, with fresh ingredients delivered directly to your door! These recipes are intended especially for young professionals who do not have time to cook, or who have limited culinary skills. The concept allows you to discover new flavors and new ingredients. But, despite the growing number of followers, the unsubscribe rate remains particularly high in this industry. Why is this?

Better adaptation to consumers

The Meal Box is very popular with millennials because the concept fits perfectly with their lifestyle. In a few clicks, they can choose a recipe and receive a meal box directly in front of their door. However, if these companies want to stay in this industry for the long term, they will have to improve the way they attract new customers. Many consumers like to experiment a new concept. Some people like to repeat the experience from time to time when there is an offer or discount coupons, but not regularly. Also, these companies will have to adapt to Generation Z which will soon impose its habits and trends.

Prices too high

According to the magazine Protégez-vous, the average price of these recipes is between $9 and $11 per serving, which is about 27% more expensive than if you were shopping at the grocery store. It is almost the price of a meal in a restaurant, besides that you have to cook and do the dishes after.

Significant environmental impact

Meal Kits are presented as an eco-friendly solution. Thanks to their pre-proportioned meals, food waste is cut to a fraction! But what about the packaging? From the small spice jar to the mini plastic vinegar bottle, packaging is needed to transport and store the ingredients of a single recipe. This generates a significant amount of non-biodegradable material. When we know that these recipes target a generation for whom the environmental impact is very important, these companies must create a better solution to avoid common disposable containers.

Loss of flexibility

When you order your Meal Box, you have to plan to cook and eat it either the same or next day because meals with protein have short expiry dates. Also, delivery times are not what you would think… For some companies, you must order at least 5 days in advance! This can mean that your busy life may get in the way of having a recipe night!

The concept of Meal Boxes is an interesting idea, but some aspects still need to be refined! Let’s stay tuned for the strategies that these companies will put in place to resolve these common issues.


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