A store of the Future

Who has not dreamed of going grocery shopping without having to wait in line at the checkout? Let’s be honest, this thought has already crossed our minds! And since the invention of online stores, retailers are striving to make the in-store experience as enjoyable as possible. From the decorations to the ambiance, everything is strategically planned to enhance the customers shopping experience.


A new concept: stores without checkout

In Seattle, Washington, a new concept for a unique shopping experience has emerged. Developed by Amazon, groceries store without going to the checkout is now possible!


At Amazon Go, there is no cashier but every move is monitored!

This simple concept, uses ultra-sophisticated AI technologies. Cameras and sensors track down your every move and every SKU taken off the shelf. You can now get out of the grocery store with a full cart, without worrying about the line-up. You will receive your bill directly on your smartphone.


An innovative but surprising experience!

It is not impossible that the first time you leave this store, you will have the feeling of having shoplifted. Some customers said they had the experience of a thief during their first visit!


The wait at the checkout line, a source of annoyance.

According to a recent Synqera study, the checkout line is now the most hated part of the shopping experience for 78% of Americans. Another study conducted by Shopper Observer Havas, showed that on the other side of the Atlantic, for 74% of French people waiting at checkout is as well their main source of irritation. This is a globally trending fact!


A future without cash flow?

Other brands are following and also want to end the checkout in-store by testing different technological approaches such as Walmart in the United States or Monoprix in France.

Still in the city of Seattle, a new experience is being tested at a Starbucks cafe. It is the first among the 27,000 others in the world to no longer accept cash. Only payments by credit card or via a special application are accepted.


Still in an experimental stage for the near future

It remains to be seen if the concept of Amazon Go can be broken down into the sectors of fashion, luxury and beauty.


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