Nine countries, nine ways to go shopping

“Nine countries, nine ways to go shopping”, summarizes Mood Media, after conducting a study exploring the behavior of 11,255 consumers in nine countries: China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Australia. So how do you adapt the customer experience according to their country of origin?

Ultra-connected Chinese consumers

The Chinese are ultra-connected customers who are very sensitive to the point-of-sale customer experience being 39% vs. 20% of customers surveyed in other countries. Chinese consumers are 86% more attracted to stores playing music vs. 78% for consumers on average for other countries. They are without a doubt the most connected consumers. 91% use their phones in stores compared to 55% of other consumers in the world. They use their cell to compare prices, but also to obtain product information.

The magic of music for Australians

84% of Australians say they are fans of music in stores, they are just ahead of the Americans (83%).

Americans, less influenced by promotions

Americans are the least influenced by promotions for their impulse purchases (54% vs. 60% of all consumers surveyed in other countries) but are slightly more sensitive than average to in-store advertising (10% vs. 7% of other consumers). #

The English like to socialize during their shopping

The English love to “shop and talk” to sales reps (32% vs. 26% of consumers in other countries). They also like to discover new products (59% vs. 45% of consumers in other countries). They consider shopping in store a social outing, so they are willing to wait for the chatty customer service. There are only 34% annoyed by waiting (vs 60% of the other consumers), or by the fact that their size is not available in store (21%).  

French people influenced by the atmosphere of shops

The French are very influenced by the atmosphere of the store. This triggers impulse purchases (39% vs. 33% of consumers in other countries). The store is a place of exchange, much like the English, carrying on with the sales reps. According to the French, music makes the store much more sociable (52% vs. 27% of all consumers in other countries) and find it stale and boring when there is no music (world record with 79% of French vs 57% other consumers).

The Impulsive Spanish

The Spanish are the consumers most likely to make impulse purchases (72% vs. 60% of all consumers in other countries). They are also the most connected Europeans. 73% of the Spanish use their cell phones in stores (compared to 55% of all consumers in other countries). They like to compare prices and obtain product information, but also ask their family or friends for their opinion (40% vs. 20% of all customers surveyed around the world).

Germans and the Dutch are refractory to mobile

Germans (39%) and the Dutch (38%) have the lowest interest in using mobile while shopping (compared to 55% of all other consumers). 62% of Germans say they never use it in the shop. When Germans do use their mobile, it is to compare prices, or to obtain information on products. The Dutch (49%) have the highest number of consumers who do not wish to receive promotions on their mobile.

Very demanding Russians

Russians love to touch products (87% vs. 76% of all other consumers polled in the world) and want them fast (76% vs. 66% of consumers in other countries). They are the ones who hate waiting the most (68% vs. 60% of consumers in other countries), but also do not have products available (59% vs. 50% of consumers in other countries). They are also the least sensitive to music (55% appreciate vs 78% of all customers surveyed in the world) and yet 80% recognize that music improves their mood in store!


So, if you decide to open new stores abroad, you now know what the preference is of foreign consumers!

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