Meet the Team!

Dedicated to Retail, IT solutions installation and support since 1995

Kenneth LeBlanc

President & Founder


Kenneth is the Founder and President of Techni-Connection. He is also President of the CEGID Reseller Community worldwide.

Kenneth obtained the CEGID Official Partner certificate and the Visual Touch certificate in 2009. He obtained the Retail Management Hero certification in 2016.

With more than 20 years of professional experience in the IT and Retail fields, Kenneth has one priority: customer satisfaction.

Key skills: Customer Relations, Retail Software, Project Management

Technical Team

Slav Morov

 Director of Technology

For more than 10 years, Slav has been in charge of solving all technical issues related to the installation of technology materials or solutions. His priority is to be as reactive as possible to solve these issues in the shortest amount of time possible, and following up with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Slav obtained Retail Management Hero certification in 2016 and obtained Yourcegid Retail certification in 2017.

Key skills: Solving technical issues, Technical use of Retail software

Alex Csank

Project Manager


Alex configures Retail Softwares and implements them when needed.

He obtained Yourcegid Retail certification in 2017 as well. Thanks to his skills with the software, he is able to demonstrate the POS softwares and train clients’ employees to use the Retail solutions.

Key skills: Technical use of Retail softwares

Support Team

Stewart Savard

Head of Helpdesk

For over 10 years, Stewart has been in touch with companies when an issue occurs. He is in charge of reaching our technicians to solve the problems on the ground.

Key skills:  Support, Planning, Customer relationship

Our Support Team is composed of:

  • Our 24/7/365 helpdesk
  • 150+ field technicians across North America ensuring local technical support
  • Our local technicians in charge of the depot services



Timely Support

Our helpdesk solves your  problems 24/7/365 and will send technicians to help you on the ground. Don’t waste your time with technical problems!

Business Analysis

Our team analyzes your needs and your company’s environment to give the best advice for the installation of Retail software or a new IT infrastructure.

Innovative Software

With VisualTouch, CEGID, and RMH, you can match any budget and any expectation. Tell us what you need, we have what you are looking for!

Customer Relationship

From your first request until the end of the project, we make sure you are fully satisfied with the product. We want you to be 100% satisfied!


Techni-Connection (TCI) specializes in onsite IT technical support and the sale, implementation, and support of IT retail systems anywhere in North America. With its large network of technicians, Techni-Connection solves problems 24/7/365 in all Canada.

Created in 1995 by Kenneth Leblanc, Techni-Connection started by installing and ensuring technical support in theaters across North America. Today, TCI is the #1 IT services provider for movie theaters, with more than 80% of the Canadian market (3 000 terminals, 800 kiosks).

With this experience, TCI gained the technical skills needed to develop its activity in the Hospitality and Retail industries. In 2009, TCI became the first CEGID partner in Canada, a software publisher of customized Point-of-Sale management solutions. TCI installs Yourcegid Retail software and takes care of the support in many Canadian stores from high-end brands such as Shan and L’Occitane. 

The same year, TCI also obtained the certification to install VisualTouch, a POS system used by restaurants and retailers.

In 2016, TCI completed its retail solutions portfolio with the new solution Retail Management Hero.

Thanks to its personalised IT solutions and its assistance, Techni-Connection has built long-term relationships with many clients such as Cineplex, a company that TCI has been working with for over 20 years.