Shan Case Study

Who is SHAN? 

Founded in 1985, SHAN is a Canadian company selling unique high-end swimwear, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for men and women. Today, the brand SHAN is available in 30 countries and 600 renowned retail locations, plus 8 flagship stores in the United States and Canada.

The Challenge

In 2012, SHAN was looking for a Point of Sales system that will help increase the brand’s visibility, in-store efficiency, and improve the customer experience. Yourcegid Retail matched their needs.

The Solution

Yourcegid Retail provides a single, centralized platform to support Point of Sale, store operations, inventory, replenishment, merchandise management, customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence.

The Results were Amazing! 

Improve Business Efficiency

Yannick Thériault, IT manager at SHAN, revealed that the company had three separate databases before the implementation of Yourcegid Retail. SHAN could only pull data once per day. Now, the stores and head office are linked. All data is available in real time, enabling them to manage their business more efficiently.

Facilitate Inventory Management 

Before the implementation of Yourcegid Retail, employees needed to call other store locations to obtain information on available inventory. The retail solution helped in optimizing inventory management. Store staff can now check in real time the items, colors, and sizes which are available in all locations.

Boost Customer


This Point of Sales software has enabled SHAN to boost customer service. Yourcegid Retail gathers history of customer purchases. Staff is able to engage with the customers to offer comparable or complementary products. Yourcegid Retail allows SHAN to customize their marketing campaigns by using customers data.