Social media platforms add new functionalities often in order to enhance and simplify users experience. With the rise of the e-commerce, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook became the new e-commerce ambassadors.

In 2015, Pinterest was the first to move into ecommerce with buyable Pins. Thereafter, the app added a new functionality called “Shop The Look” which allows users to buy a product that they saw on the Pins or in the Pinterest browser. However, this functionality is only available in the United States for the moment.

For its part, Instagram allows retailers to make their posts more shoppable. They can tag several products in a same picture. This way, users are able to read detailed information about products and to be redirected on the product website page using the “Shop Now” button.

Finally, Facebook allows retailers to add a shop section to the business page. Users are consequently able to shop without always having to interrupt their scrolling.

Knowing that 84% of smartphone owners in the United States surf the Internet to search and compare products via a mobile application or a browser, it is very likely that several functionalities will appear in the future in order to simplify the shopping experience.

Now, it only takes 2 or 3 clicks on social media for customers to shop which became the new retailers’ vitrine!

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Techni-Connection delivers cost-effective IT solutions to companies of all sizes. With its 24/7/365 helpdesk support system, TCI responds quickly and efficiently to customers problems and provides on-site support. Techni-Connection’s strong in-house technical team is also complimented by a network of 150+ certified IT experts across North America.


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