The power of pictures in e-commerce

The pictures of articles on e-commerce websites are by far the most important element. They allow consumers who can not touch, feel, or actually see the products offered to get a better idea. Having beautiful pictures for your e-commerce site is essential in today’s market!


An attractive E-commerce

It is imperative that your website (in general) is attractive. Whether its what you eat, items you buy, or a place you want to visit, the visual is always the first thing noticed! This is when the user decides to stay on the site or move on to the next brand. Images are the key elements of an e-commerce site with a professional and stylish look.

A picture is worth a thousand words

According to a study by Packshot Creator, beautiful photos encourage the customer and manage to activate the “click” leading to the purchase. They allow customers to know if the item matches their expectations by illustrating the information in the description. But even if you detail all the information about the product, if the photos are bad, your conversion rate from a view to a sale will be too! The images are there to compensate for the lack of “reality”, having more impact and value than words!

Images to offer related products

The images offering related products can help clients in their research and purchase process. In the related products section, you can show articles, which complete an ensemble, or which have the same print, color, etc.

Let’s say a customer decides to buy this pretty little polka skirt. We can then propose an outfit, a scarf, a bag and even a pair of shoes!

Via Compania Fantastica

Another possible option would be to propose another article with the same print.

Via Compania Fantastica

An innovative solution

With YourCegid Retail and the Heroshop e-Commerce platform, you can customize related items that you would like to propose to your consumers in order to not lose sales! Your employees can also see on the POS screen suggestions or “pop ups” that can inform the sales rep promotions or linked items when customers are at the cash. With Cegid’s ne app “Shopping” sales reps can carry a mobile POS to suggest items to the customers showing images right on the sales floor, even closing a sale! These tools can help customers complete their outfits or offer them new in-store items by viewing their online and offline purchase history while they shop.

Do you understand now when we talk about the power of images? Yes, they produce more sales! And how are pictures on your e-Commerce site? Do you think they are able to convince a potential buyer?…


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